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Different from your typical labor and delivery hospital birth class, this session is geared towards healing YOU as a mom, bringing your baby into the world and what you can expect in the days after.

We hear all too often, “I wish someone would have told me that!”, “What just happened to my body??”, “Am I ever going to feel normal again??” and "Is this normal??"

This session is meant to help you stop using the old Google and start feeling a little bit more confident and prepared going into your birth.

During your Birth Ready session, you can expect us to:

  • Review your current pregnancy including any symptoms.

  • Go over details of any previous pregnancies and births.

  • Ask about your birth plan.

  • Based on your plan, practice laboring and birth positions that feel good to YOUR body that can include the support of your partner.

  • Teach you breathwork and exercises to help lengthen the pelvic floor muscles and prepare your pelvis for birth.

  • Teach you perineal massage to reduce your risk of perineal tears, especially if this is your first birth.

  • Educate you on pelvic health, postpartum recovery, and birth-related pelvic floor trauma to improve postpartum mental health outcomes.

  • Send you home with all of your materials printed in a handy folder that you can take with you to your birth!

Having a planned cesarean birth or wondering if this will be helpful if you end up having a cesarean birth? Absolutely!

Here’s a glimpse of what we talk about during a Cesarean Birth Ready session:

  • Review all OB and past medical history, including recoveries from previous births.

  • Talk about what to expect during a cesarean delivery, especially if this is your first.

  • Practice bed mobility to help you move better during those first few days postpartum when you still have discomfort and restrictions.

  • Create a postpartum plan to help you reconnect to your breath and deep core BEFORE 6 weeks PP.

  • Talk about post-surgical pain management - not just meds (this is outside our scope of practice).

  • Practice lifting your “baby” to protect your incision and use proper mechanics.

  • Talk about ways to care for other children if you have older siblings.

  • Teach you scar desensitization and mobilization techniques to start when the incision is closed.

  • Discuss mental health concerns in the postpartum period and red flags to watch for, that can also help your partner recognize when things aren’t normal!

Some common questions we get asked:

  • I’m scheduled to have a cesarean; do I still need to come, or will I still benefit from a Birth Prep session?

    • YES! - Our Birth Ready session isn’t just for moms having vaginal deliveries! So while we won’t focus on breath work to facilitate pushing, there are plenty of other areas we can teach on (see above) to help you have the birth experience and recovery you want. The reality is, a cesarean birth is a major surgery - definitely not an easier delivery by any means!

  • Can I bring my partner?

    • YES! - We go over different laboring positions that will involve your partner so this is a perfect time to practice together! This can also be an overwhelming time for a first time mom, so having your partner there to help take in all the info can be really helpful!

  • What if I’ve had a baby before, could I still learn more?

    • Absolutely! - Even if you have taken a typical hospital based birth prep class, this is going to be very different. We focus more on anatomy and what happens during birth, as well as postpartum care!

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